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May. 18th, 2009 10:56 am
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Thank you. You have just managed to completely destroy my favourite fantasy series for me. Why the bloody fucking hell must EVERYTHING be a biblical reference? Couldn't Diane Duane be drawing on Greek mythology? How about Celtic, more than a few of the plot lines have distinctly Celtic undertones (she even wrote an entire book around old Irish fairy tales).

Simply because you're ZOMG so Christian doesn't mean everything revolves around the Jesus story. That wasn't exactly the first religious text to use death as the ultimate sacrifice. If you're going to say that YW is a Bible parallel because Nita is willing to die in the course of things (which, for the record, is part of the job description) then you have to say that Harry Potter is too and I highly doubt you'd be willing to do that (what, with that whole "Harry Potter is the devil!" nonsense). You also have to ignore a millennia of cultural writings that have the *exact same* themes, but pre-date your own religious text. Again, y'all weren't the first to come up with the "magical baby saves the world" idea. Actually, the Apollonian beliefs were almost identical to the story put forth in the New Testament. So if we're saying that YW is based around a Christian theology then we must also say that it's based around a Greek mythical theology since the Greek pre-dates the Christian by a good few centuries.

This is quite honestly why I don't talk to the robotic "everything is G-d" form of Christian. They irritate the hell out of me with their desire to make everything about their religion. Guess what? Not everyone follows your religion, some of us think old Dracula stories have more substance to them than the Bible (at least there's SOME historical reference to Dracula). Maybe we're wrong, but if you're right I don't want to go to Heaven anyway. Bunch of fundies with no sense of humour, fuck that. I'll go to hell where there are drag queens and heathens.


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