May. 8th, 2009

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I was out of school yesterday meaning all of my books were left in my locker. Today two chapters in the workbooks were due. I'd already done one so I figured I'd get the second done before class started, no big deal. I spent most of the afternoon studying my ass off for a test that I'd forgotten we were having and by the time I got to school I was pretty confident I'd at least pass, if not get a perfect score.

Except when I turned in my workbooks Steph decided they weren't legible enough. Now, I fully admit that there have been times in the past where I've just scribbled whatever the hell I could think of because I ran out of time. I actually did the damned things this time though, I sat there and copied exactly out of the stupid book like I'm supposed to (never mind that that doesn't actually teach us anything other than how to be a good 17th century scribe) and while they weren't in perfect handwriting they also weren't the random lines I've done (and received credit for) in the past. Steph still said I had to do them over. Workbooks have to be turned in by the time class starts, if not you have to go home. By this point I had four minutes to rewrite 30 pages, there was no bloody way in hell I was going to be able to do that. The only other option was to get them approved by Scott which wasn't going to happen. If Steph didn't approve them Scott never would, the guy is stricter than most drill instructors. (He's awesome and he's fair, but he's strict.)

So I got sent home for having poor handwriting. I got sent home and had my intelligence insulted when she tried to act like it wasn't personal. Bullshit, half the class quite literally just draws loops and lines in their books without being called on it. I can specifically remember one time when she signed off on Linh's books with the comment "I can't read your writing". I can't say that though because it requires naming names and I'm not the kind of person to tattle on my classmates for something stupid like that.

I'm going to talk to Scott and the woman in charge of testing tomorrow (Ms. Catherine? Something with a C). Scott to see what kind of extra hours I can do to make up for today and the testing woman to see if I can take three make up tests next month instead of the usual two. I have a 99% average on my tests, it's not like taking anatomy (failed because I know too much), electricity (everyone has to retake because of the swine flu scare), and nail disorders (today's test) will strain my mental capacities or anything. Especially since I don't have to take any other tests that month, it's chemical which is easily my best module.

Mostly I'm just frustrated. I've only ever been sent home one other time and it was my own fault (didn't have my cape). I'm not a problem student, I don't complain about the myriad of idiotic rules like everyone else, I try to get along with everyone, and I do damned good work. Yet for some reason Steph has just been a total bitch to me lately. I don't know when it happened, she was fine until like two or three weeks ago when suddenly she decided she liked me better when I "sat in the back and stayed quiet". Apparently I'm not allowed to have opinions.


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