May. 24th, 2009

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So I posted on [community profile] gardening to get some help with starting a container garden now that we're going to have the space. People are acting like I'm some stupid Beverly Hills brat who's never been near crops in his life.

Um. I grew up doing organic gardening. I have crazy Mexican relatives who grow corn in their backyard. I've been to organic markets where the sellers have grown everything in their basement. Don't tell me something is impossible and then say I have to do more research on growing vegetables when I've been growing them my entire life and know that it can be done.

I am so fucking sick of the arrogant, we're so much better than you, omg I'm living off-grid in my giant fucking house in the middle of nowhere idiots who are responding. I'm from LOS ANGELES. If anyone can grow shit where it shouldn't be grown it's an LA hippy. If anyone can take something that usually requires nature and figure out the perfect controlled urban environment it's the Silicon Valley geek.

Now I'm going to grow all of them. I'm going to grow them and post pictures of the plants and my harvests and people can just kiss my ass. I will grow fucking corn inside just to prove a point. Assholes.


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