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It's a bloody month early.

On the upside, I'm on leave so I can have a whacked out schedule for a while. Would like to get back to normal though, being up all night gets dull after a while.
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And I'm being stalked by man panties.
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So the Stumbleupon toolbar will occasionally send me to porn. I rarely object to this because who doesn't like naked boys? (I mean, besides lesbians, straight men, and some asexuals)

Today I can't seem to get past how young the guys are. I'm sitting here going "dude, shouldn't he be studying for the SATs or something? He's like 10."

I've decided to blame my fever, cough, and unusual electro-magnetic brain activity. Otherwise I have to admit that I'm *old* and that will just depress me.
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So I posted on [community profile] gardening to get some help with starting a container garden now that we're going to have the space. People are acting like I'm some stupid Beverly Hills brat who's never been near crops in his life.

Um. I grew up doing organic gardening. I have crazy Mexican relatives who grow corn in their backyard. I've been to organic markets where the sellers have grown everything in their basement. Don't tell me something is impossible and then say I have to do more research on growing vegetables when I've been growing them my entire life and know that it can be done.

I am so fucking sick of the arrogant, we're so much better than you, omg I'm living off-grid in my giant fucking house in the middle of nowhere idiots who are responding. I'm from LOS ANGELES. If anyone can grow shit where it shouldn't be grown it's an LA hippy. If anyone can take something that usually requires nature and figure out the perfect controlled urban environment it's the Silicon Valley geek.

Now I'm going to grow all of them. I'm going to grow them and post pictures of the plants and my harvests and people can just kiss my ass. I will grow fucking corn inside just to prove a point. Assholes.
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Thank you. You have just managed to completely destroy my favourite fantasy series for me. Why the bloody fucking hell must EVERYTHING be a biblical reference? Couldn't Diane Duane be drawing on Greek mythology? How about Celtic, more than a few of the plot lines have distinctly Celtic undertones (she even wrote an entire book around old Irish fairy tales).

Simply because you're ZOMG so Christian doesn't mean everything revolves around the Jesus story. That wasn't exactly the first religious text to use death as the ultimate sacrifice. If you're going to say that YW is a Bible parallel because Nita is willing to die in the course of things (which, for the record, is part of the job description) then you have to say that Harry Potter is too and I highly doubt you'd be willing to do that (what, with that whole "Harry Potter is the devil!" nonsense). You also have to ignore a millennia of cultural writings that have the *exact same* themes, but pre-date your own religious text. Again, y'all weren't the first to come up with the "magical baby saves the world" idea. Actually, the Apollonian beliefs were almost identical to the story put forth in the New Testament. So if we're saying that YW is based around a Christian theology then we must also say that it's based around a Greek mythical theology since the Greek pre-dates the Christian by a good few centuries.

This is quite honestly why I don't talk to the robotic "everything is G-d" form of Christian. They irritate the hell out of me with their desire to make everything about their religion. Guess what? Not everyone follows your religion, some of us think old Dracula stories have more substance to them than the Bible (at least there's SOME historical reference to Dracula). Maybe we're wrong, but if you're right I don't want to go to Heaven anyway. Bunch of fundies with no sense of humour, fuck that. I'll go to hell where there are drag queens and heathens.
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I don't often log on to twitter. Actually, I try to avoid it because I hate how much people act like it's the most amazing thing on the internet. I've got the NY, London, and LA Times on there (along with BBC and CNN) though so when I'm in a mood to catch up on news I wander on over.

Today I broke down and added the official Nicky Byrne account (because I'm apparently that much of a fanboy) and I have to say, it was well worth it. Why? Because the boy says things like "[Nicky Byrne] cant believe those manc birdz skived off work again to see me at the airport ! employers beware ! these are unemployable !!!!!"

I love anyone who can mock their fans while still being nice about it. Westlife fangirls scare me sometimes, and I'm the one who'll randomly up and decide to drive for eight hours to hit up a concert that night (not to mention that whole getting to the UK thing). They're not quite as bad as the Hanson fans, but they're close.

The rest of it is boring stuff that I don't particularly care about so I'll end up ignoring the site for another six months, but that one was amusing.


May. 17th, 2009 12:41 pm
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Your result for The Social Persona Test (What kind of man/woman are you?)...

The Late Bloomer (QTAM)

Quirky Traditional Alpha Male

You are a horrible persona to be until sometime in high school or college, and then things just can't go wrong for you. Sure you are a bit nerdy, but the cool type of nerdy; and you have developed confidence as if it were a well toned muscle. When selecting a date stick to nice, traditional women, preferably ones who share your interests.

You are more QUIRKY than NORMAL.

You are more TRADITIONAL than LIBERAL.

You are more DOMINANT than PASSIVE.

When picking a date, consider: The Rarity (QTAF) or The Librarian (QTBF).

(Image from scificool.com)

Take The Social Persona Test (What kind of man/woman are you?)
at HelloQuizzy

I'd like to know how precisely I scored higher on "maleness" than 43% of my peers.

Update sometime in the next couple of days. At the moment I'm sulking about my system deciding to go haywire on me.
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Or spend more time reading things that involve neither style nor children's sci-fi/fantasy. I swear, my brain is starting to atrophy from all the non-learning at hair school.
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I was out of school yesterday meaning all of my books were left in my locker. Today two chapters in the workbooks were due. I'd already done one so I figured I'd get the second done before class started, no big deal. I spent most of the afternoon studying my ass off for a test that I'd forgotten we were having and by the time I got to school I was pretty confident I'd at least pass, if not get a perfect score.

Except when I turned in my workbooks Steph decided they weren't legible enough. Now, I fully admit that there have been times in the past where I've just scribbled whatever the hell I could think of because I ran out of time. I actually did the damned things this time though, I sat there and copied exactly out of the stupid book like I'm supposed to (never mind that that doesn't actually teach us anything other than how to be a good 17th century scribe) and while they weren't in perfect handwriting they also weren't the random lines I've done (and received credit for) in the past. Steph still said I had to do them over. Workbooks have to be turned in by the time class starts, if not you have to go home. By this point I had four minutes to rewrite 30 pages, there was no bloody way in hell I was going to be able to do that. The only other option was to get them approved by Scott which wasn't going to happen. If Steph didn't approve them Scott never would, the guy is stricter than most drill instructors. (He's awesome and he's fair, but he's strict.)

So I got sent home for having poor handwriting. I got sent home and had my intelligence insulted when she tried to act like it wasn't personal. Bullshit, half the class quite literally just draws loops and lines in their books without being called on it. I can specifically remember one time when she signed off on Linh's books with the comment "I can't read your writing". I can't say that though because it requires naming names and I'm not the kind of person to tattle on my classmates for something stupid like that.

I'm going to talk to Scott and the woman in charge of testing tomorrow (Ms. Catherine? Something with a C). Scott to see what kind of extra hours I can do to make up for today and the testing woman to see if I can take three make up tests next month instead of the usual two. I have a 99% average on my tests, it's not like taking anatomy (failed because I know too much), electricity (everyone has to retake because of the swine flu scare), and nail disorders (today's test) will strain my mental capacities or anything. Especially since I don't have to take any other tests that month, it's chemical which is easily my best module.

Mostly I'm just frustrated. I've only ever been sent home one other time and it was my own fault (didn't have my cape). I'm not a problem student, I don't complain about the myriad of idiotic rules like everyone else, I try to get along with everyone, and I do damned good work. Yet for some reason Steph has just been a total bitch to me lately. I don't know when it happened, she was fine until like two or three weeks ago when suddenly she decided she liked me better when I "sat in the back and stayed quiet". Apparently I'm not allowed to have opinions.


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